Hammam & Sauna

The Hammam at the city bath is inspired by the traditional Turkish bath and is complemented by a small sauna area as well as a comprehensive spa program.


A visit to the Hammam is not only valued for its intense body cleansing effects but has also been traditionally cherished as a social occasion. However, here at the city bath, tranquility and relaxation are paramount. Therefore, we kindly ask our guests not to engage in conversation in the Hammam area and to refrain from using mobile phones, iPads, etc. in the relaxation room.

The Hammam Ritual

After showering and warming up on the hot stone and sweating in the steam bath, the skin is ready for deep cleansing with the Kese (exfoliating glove) and traditional olive oil soap. Ideally, the so-called Tellak, lasting 50 minutes, is performed by the masseur/masseuse on the warm marble table. Book the treatment here. Following this, guests can enjoy the sauna with a refreshing foot bath afterward, be pampered under the mist shower, and finally indulge in a body wrap with our healing chalk from northern Germany.

Tea and snacks in our relaxation room are the crowning conclusion to the Hammam ritual. Please allow yourself at least two to three hours for your Hammam visit.

We provide you with:

  • A thin cotton towel, known as Pestemal, which you wear wrapped around your body throughout the entire Hammam ritual. The Pestemal replaces the swimsuit.
  • A sauna towel to sit on in the sauna. In the sauna, clothing is not worn.
  • An exfoliating glove, the Kese, to cleanse your body in the exfoliation niche.
  • A cup of healing chalk for the final body wrap.
  • Body lotion.
  • A bathrobe for your relaxing hour in our relaxation room.
  • Shower gel and shampoo are provided in the showers.


In contrast to the Hammam with moderate temperatures and a slow warm-up and cool-down phase, the sauna involves sweating at very high temperatures (80 - 90°C) in multiple sessions, followed by cooling off in a cold water pool. This intense alternation stimulates blood circulation, promotes detoxification of the body, and strengthens the immune system!